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    Color: Patio Red
    Color and Appearance may look different on your surface. Order a sample to confirm product satisfaction.


    Household Chemical and Automotive Fluid Resistant. Chlorine, Windshield Washing Fluid, Radiator Coolant, and even Dirty Motor Oil can be easily rinsed off a surface coated with CDG without staining the finish.
    Interior / Exterior. Low Odor and Superior Weather resistance makes this product suitable for any horizontal concrete or masonry surface, inside or out.
    Quick and Easy Application. Apply with a brush, roller, or spray. Recoat in 4 hours. No thinning required. Just stir the product and you're ready to paint!
    Mildew Resistant. Contains a highly effective anti-microbial additive that will prevent mold, mildew, and algae growth on the painted surface.
    Washable Satin Finish. Attractive Mid-Sheen finish keeps the surface looking freshly painted longer and makes it possible to scrub away most marks and stains.
    Soap and Water Clean-Up. 100% Acrylic Water-based formulation means low odor and no solvents are required to clean up tools and spills.

    Hot Tire Pickup Resistance

    CDG is formulated with a premium, cross-linking, nano-polymer acrylic emulsion that provides superior adhesion which means no lifting or peeling when properly applied, even under hot tires.


    No Primer or
    Sealer Required

    CDG is self-priming in most situations. Simply applying TWO coats on a properly prepared surface is all it takes for exceptional results. CDG can be applied directly to new concrete after only a few days and does not require a clear topoat.


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    Concrete Driveway Garage
    (3.5 Gallons)


    3.5 Gallons will apply one coat on 750 - 1500 sq. ft., depending on surface sporosity.



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    TOWER GRIP Anti-Slip Additive


    Just Mix and Apply!

    Tower Grip is an easy to mix, silica free lightweight polymer. During application, it stays suspended longer than sand and traditional slip resistance additives. Tower Grip is available in two package sizes to treat Gallons or Five Gallon pails. We recommend that you only apply Tower Grip to the top coat. When applying multiple coats, Tower Grip should be mixed into the final coat. Mix ratios can be adjusted to suit personal preference.


    Increase Traction and Add Safety

    Tower Grip's rounded particles feel smoother under foot than many competitive anti-skid additives. It is ideal for Pool Decks, Porches, Patios, Decks, Stairs, Work and Public Areas, or any surface where you want to increase slip resistance. Available in Fine Grade for a subtle texture and a coarser Medium Grade for areas where additional traction is required.


    TOWER GRIP Anti-Slip Additive (3oz)


    "Increase Traction and Add Safety"
    Lightweight Polymer Stays Suspended Longer
    Round Particles Feel Smoother Under Foot
    Surface Retains Washability
    Silica Free

    Available in Fine and Medium Grades

    Medium Grade

    • Stairs
    • Work or public areas
    • Provides additional grip

    Fine Grade

    • Porches
    • Patios
    • Pool decks
    • Lowers sheen
    • Feels smoother under foot



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    Try it Before You Buy It

    Many paint manufacturers sell sample sizes of their wall paints, but very few, if any, provide samples for floor and driveway coatings. We strongly encourage our customers to try our 4oz sample size first so that they will be able to evaluate not only the color and finish, but also adhesion, application, performance, and surface compatibility.


    Free Painted Color Cards!

    Paint manufacturers usually offer printed color chips which provide an approximation of the color but look and feel like paper (because they are). WE PAINT OUR COLOR CHIPS WITH THE ACTUAL PRODUCT so you can see the real color, sheen, and texture of the product. And because our cards are coated with the real paint, you can also go ahead and test the hardness and scubbability right on the card.


    Order Your Free Color Cards

    each pack includes 10 Cards:

    - 8 x 2.75” painted color chips featuring all 8 colors

    - 2 x 2.75” painted color chips featuring Fine and Medium Tower Grip Slip-Resistant Additives

    Unlike virtually every other paint manufacturer, which offer printed color chips that often differ in sheen and hue from the final coating, OUR COLOR CHIPS ARE ACTUALLY PAINTED WITH OUR PRODUCT. This means that you can be sure that the final color will be indentical to the paint you purchase. And because our cards are coated with the actual paint, you can also use them to test scrubbability, washability, chemical resistance, and scuff resistance.

    Do not soak cards liquid, test on center of card on the painted side




    - Product Info

    CDG can be applied to a variety of masonry, concrete, and asphalt surfaces including Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Porches, Balconies, Garage Floors, Warehouse Floors, Loading Docks, Concrete Blocks, Pavers, and more.
    Most stains are very watery and intended for use on uncoated surfaces. The viscosity of CDG falls between that of a paint and a stain — and can be applied on both new and previously painted surfaces. CDG is not watery like most stains, but is about 20% thinner than the average floor paint.
    CDG has a Satin, mid-Sheen finish which may be slippery when wet, particularly on very smooth surfaces. If unsure, please purchase a sample size to test before painting. We recommend Tower Grip slip resistance additives in areas where additional traction is required.
    CDG does NOT need to be topcoated with a clear sealer. Topcoating with most standard acrylic sealers will not make CDG more durable. The only reason to topcoat CDG is if you would like a high gloss finish. Make sure to check adhesion and product compatibility if applying another manufacturer's sealer over CDG. If using an inferior product, durability may be compromised.
    Exposure to gasoline may "soften? the paint film. It is better to allow gasoline spills to evaporate rather than wiping. Once the gasoline evaporates, the coating hardness should recover.
    Exposure to brake fluid may soften the paint film. Spills should be carefully cleaned and excessive wiping and pressure should be avoided to prevent damage to the paint. Rinse the surface. Paint film should recover in about 24 hours.
    Although we try to approximate the colors as closely as possible, paint colors on computer monitors and device screens will inevitably vary from the actual paint color. If you're unsure about how a color will look on your surface, we strongly recommend purchasing a sample size first or order our FREE COLOR CARDS.
    CDG is highly washable but you should wait at least 30 days after application before scrubbing the surface excessively. Most household detergents and degreasers can be used when cleaning. Surfaces can be mopped, wiped, swept, and scrubbed with stiff bristle brushes and brooms.

    - Preparation Questions

    In most cases, no. Make sure the surface is very clean and dry. Check adhesion on previously painted surfaces, particularly if they are glossy or newly painted. As a general rule of thumb, if you pour a little water on the surface and it quickly penetrates and does not bead, CDG will likely adhere properly.
    Apply a small amount of CDG to a clean and dry surface and wait 72 hours. Use duct tape on the sample area and check to see if the paint pulls off. If the CDG sample stays intact, adhesion will be good. If the paint peels, CDG should not be applied to the surface. If painting over a previously painted surface and the original coat lifts, pressure wash the surface (3000 PSI) to remove as much of the original coat as possible and check adhesion again.
    CDG will adhere to most concrete patching compounds but we recommend cementitious type patching usually found at the hardware store. Make sure to choose a patching product that most closely matches the texture of your concrete, since the patched areas may stand out on a freshly painted surface.

    - Application Questions

    We recommend appying at least 2 coats. You can apply an additional coat or two if you would like to increase the product sheen a little or if your surface is very porous. When painting floors, it is preferrable to apply multiple thin coats.
    You shouldn't paint when temperatures are below 50 degrees or if there is high humidity. Also, it is not ideal to paint in direct sunlight or extreme heat. Make sure no rain is forecast for the next 24 hours before painting.
    Product might not adhere properly if it rains within 6 hours of painting. If it rains soon after painting, allow paint to dry completely for 24-48 hours. Check Adhesion in various spots using the duct tape method described above. If paint comes off, it means the coating has not adhered properly. You will need to Pressure Wash the surface (3000 PSI), allow surface to dry completely for at least 24 hours, and reapply CDG.


    To wash surfaces coated with Tower Grip, we recommend that you rinse with a high pressure hose and/or use a stiff bristle brush/broom. Cleaning with a mop, rag, or cloth is not recommended due to the increased abrasion of the surface.
    Tower Grip is easy to mix. Stirring with a paint stick or stirrer for about five minutes should be enough.

    - Ordering & Shipping

    We only collect sales tax in Florida, where we are based.
    Items are returnable for a period of 7 days from the date of delivery. Paint products must be in as new, sealed condition. We charge a 20% Restocking fee for all items and customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Contact us for an RMA# if you have received a wrong or damaged item.
    We usually ship most orders within one business day via Ground Shipping. Transit times usually range from 1-6 days. Sample sizes are shipped via USPS.

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    We are a Premium Architectural Coating manufacturer in Hollywood, FL. Our competitively priced, high quality coatings have been very positively reviewed and we are grateful for our loyal customer base of contractors, painters, and homeowners across South Florida. Concrete Driveway Garage is the first of our products to be offered online and we will soon be adding more. We manufacture a variety of Quality Interior and Exterior House paints and coatings.